The Shawls

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Regular size shawl draped over the shoulders       Shawl looped and worn as a capelet over the shoulder       Petite shawl wrapped around the neck as a scarf       Shawl worn crossed in the back

Petite shawl draped over the shoulder       Shawl looped as a scarf       Petite shawl worn loosely over the shoulders

To date, I have sold over 60 shawls and purses at various local venues. These images offer examples of my work. Click on the Etsy Mini Shop link to see pieces that are currently available for purchase. You can also see more examples of my shawls in the Shawl Gallery.

Each shawl is unique. (Because I often use discontinued yarns, I would not be able to duplicate one if I tried.) I hand knit each one on large needles using a garter stitch. I usually use five different yarns in each shawl, but sometimes this number varies. Although I cast on the same number of stitches each time, the size of the finished shawl varies based on the yarns used. Most shawls contain some wool. I use a variety of novelty yarns and these are usually synthetic. You just can't make natural fibers into eyelash, glitz, glitter, and bling. I like eyelash, glitz, glitter, and bling. I try to put some into every shawl, although again, sometimes that just doesn't work in a particular combination. The shawls are rectangular and average 57" by 13", with a fringe of about 20 inches on either end. I really like the fringe. It's dramatic and fun. But if you don't like the fringe, you have my permission to trim it to the length you like. I really think of my shawls as dress-up for adults. Playclothes for grown-ups. That sort of thing.

This past spring, I accidentally cast on 80 stitches instead of 100 (see what happens when I get distracted) and didn't discover my error until after the shawl was finished. So, I contemplated it for a while and thought, "well, lots of women have complained that my shawls are too long for them." So, now I make shawls in two sizes — regular (100 stitches cast on) and petite (80 stitches cast on). The petites average 42" by 12". Petite sizes will work for most figures but have much less wrap than the regular size.

The shawls are/were designed as shawls, but most can also do double duty as scarves. What amazes me is that almost everyone who tries one on wears it differently. Above are some of the ways different people have discovered to wear one of my shawls.