Marcia knitting

Artist's Statement

Heart to Hand began as an exploration of color and texture while I was studying color and the chakras in relation to healing. When I use paints, I tend to get all the colors mixed together, which tends to make brown. When I used yarns, I could explore different ways to combine colors, to juxtapose colors while still keeping the colors recognizable. Making my knitted pieces makes me happy. I have a lot of fun doing it. People have told me that they feel the joy present in the work that I do. I hope that those feelings of joy, happiness, contentment, fun, and frivolity go with the things I make to those who buy them. Then my healing work will have come full circle.

Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild Juried Member

The Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild (NVHG) was founded in 1972 to promote individual craftsmanship and craft-related educational opportunities in a wide variety of crafts. Currently, the Guild also sponsors one craft show annually. In order to participate in a Guild-sponsored show or to be included on the NVHG website, works must be juried by a Standards Committee to ensure that they meet the highest standards for quality and craftsmanship. Only then is the member allowed to display the "Juried Member" logo (shown below).